Harvest Day

 Harvest day, also known as harvest festival, is an annual celebration that occurs around the time of the main harvest of a given region. Given the differences in climate and crops around the world, harvest festivals can be found at various times at different places. Harvest festivals typically feature feasting, both family and public, with foods that are [...]

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United Nations Day

Lollypop students celebrated United Nations Day with several events taking place during the week.  To kick off the event each class was designated a country to represent. The countries chosen were Ghana, Mauritius, New Zealand, Japan, Italy, Vietnam, United States of America, Venezuela and the United Kingdom. This wide variety of countries from all [...]

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KG Special Assembly

It was a special day for KG to perform in front of their parents. The students were very excited from the first time they started practicing the dance and song. KG’s special assembly was held on July 22, 2019.  It started with a flag ceremony at 08.00. On that occasion, some of the KG [...]

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Lollypop Mother’s Day

A mother’s love bears strength, comfort, healing, and warmth. Ellen J. Barrier On the 10th of May, Lollypop Preschool held their Mother’s Day Celebration. This is to express children’s love to their moms and to create a stronger bond between them. On this day, the children prepared special activities that they could do together [...]

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What an eventful week for SLK and Lollypop Preschool as they celebrated their 15th year anniversary!

What an eventful week for SLK and Lollypop Preschool as they celebrated their 15th year anniversary! Last April 1st to 6th, SLK and Lollypop Preschool had a one-week anniversary celebration based on the theme, “Responding to the Challenges of Global Transformation”. It started off with the sports program which was well attended by [...]

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Nutrition and Hygiene Talk Day

We were honored to have Dr. Luh Putu Liana Indayana and Ms. Leona Victoria Djajadi come to Lollypop on Thursday, February 28 to share their knowledge regarding the importance of maintaining a healthy diet.  The students really enjoyed learning about the benefits of eating a balanced meal from Dr. Liana, a general practitioner.  She [...]

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Chinese New Year Celebration

Imagine a celebration that combines Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year that lasts for a week.  Fantastic, right? This happens in China.  It’s called Chinese New Year or can also be called Lunar New Year! Our school had the privilege to celebrate this festivity on Monday, February 4th. We had many different activities wrapped up [...]

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Occupation Day

Occupation Day On Tuesday, 29 th of February 2019, Pratu Buce Delvi Tuarissa, an Indonesian National Armed Forces soldier visited Lollypop Preschool. This is in relation to our monthly theme, “Community Helpers”, as well as in conjunction with our IEYC topic of the month, “To the Rescue”. He talked about his job and how he helps [...]

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Santa’s Gift Giving

Santa's Gift Giving Christmas is a time for loving, caring and sharing our blessings with others. It is the most exciting time of the year, especially for young children and the thought of receiving a present from Santa Claus really excites them. On the 6th of December, 2018, Mrs. Claus visited Lollypop Preschool. [...]

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Chef Liana

Chef Liana Chef Liana Wegner-Gray, the best-selling author of The Earth Diet and 10-Minute Recipes came to SLK Bali and Lollypop Preschool on November 21, 2018, to share quick and healthy tips to the parents and to talk about choosing the right kind of food to eat with our Preschool and Grade 1 [...]

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