Big Garden Corner

November 20, 2019, Pre-Nursery and Nursery students departed together to Big Garden Corner as a place and our destination for outdoor study. The children sang all the way there on the bus and often kept asking if they were close. Big Garden Corner is a nice place for study located in Sanur. 

There we learnt a lot of things. When entering the Big Garden Corner area, we were greeted by a number of elephant statues made from soda cans. This is a really good example of recycling. We also learnt how to plant the sunflower seeds. Children looked so excited, they could not wait for their turn to put the seed in the soil, moreover they could not wait for the seeds to grow.

They have various types of plants and around it we can see the footpath is made of wood, with the roof of a tree trunk in a crossed shape sculptures of various sizes.  There was a replica of the statue and a miniature of the Borobudur temple which was a height of 5 meters. It was a unique place which had beautiful photo spots and there is a butterfly garden being built. The students sat down and ate their food after we toured around the garden. We ended our Field trip at 12.00 and headed back to Lollypop Preschool. What a wonderful day we had.

From that field trip the children learnt how to plant the seeds, how to take care of the plants and also learnt how to save the earth by recycling.