What do you think about trash? Is it dirty? How do we handle trash then to make our Bali clean and comfortable? Yes, we have to dispose of trash responsibly. The next question then is how do we dispose of trash responsibly?

On Thursday, 21st of November, Lollypop’s KG had a field trip to Bali Eco- Recycling.  It was a great opportunity for the students to learn how to sort trash, how to recycle and how to reuse some of the trash. By joining this field trip, hopefully the students will gain the basic knowledge and experience of how to handle trash wisely.

The field trip activity stated at 08.40 from the school. KG students were divided into two buses. The students were very excited on the bus. It takes around 15 minutes to go to eco Bali recycling from school. Arriving in Eco Bali recycling, we were directed to a room, where the students learned how to sort trash through a presentation.The students also played a game about sorting the trash. After that, they were also shown products that were made from recycling and reusing materials. The final activity was visiting the area where they store the trash.  Students were able to observe the method of collecting the trash, sorting, cleaning and recycling with the machines.