Pet Day! Everyone was looking forward to this day because they were allowed to bring their pet to school for “Show and Tell”.  Pet Day is an opportunity for students to show their pets to all their friends at school. They got to explain to their friends how they take care of the animals and what special meals they provide for them.

On the 15th of November, the children were excited as they watched their friends bring their pet animals to class. They were fascinated with the various breeds of dogs that were brought to school that day. From cute Chihuahuas to Bulldogs and an enormous Alaskan Malamute. They enjoyed the simple parade of dogs at the back terrace. Afterwards, the children were given some time to play with their pet dogs at the back terrace.  An adult was always present to ensure their safety and teach them the proper way to approach dogs.  

The children brought turtles of different sizes, too. One of them even brought a 19 year old tortoise, a Galapagos. They learned that a tortoise could live up to a hundred years. Now, that’s something that really caught their attention. Colourful fish of various species were on display, as well as soft haired bunnies, cats and hamsters. Some of the children brought photos and stuffed toys to represent their pets and talked about them in the classroom with their friends. 

We truly had a wonderful blend of creatures on that day at school. The children truly enjoyed celebrating their pets.