Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, friendship and the joy of having other people in our lives. It is the perfect time to celebrate empathy and compassion. The students learned how to put that caring energy towards everyone! It is not only on Valentine’s Day that we should show love and care for others but should maintain this attitude every day.

This week, during the art & craft activity, the students were asked to make Valentine’s Day art & crafts like flowers and cards to give to their parents. Art and crafts is one of the favorite activities that students enjoy because they get to show their creativity in their work. During dismissal time the students gave their artwork to their parents. 

Aside from Valentine’s Day, we also had a picnic day and outdoor exploration.The students were so excited to experience the weather outside and have their snack time outdoors. After that, they had the chance to fly the kites that they made. They were so excited to hold the kite and run around that they did not mind getting sweaty and tired. They had so much fun. 

Prepared by: Ms. Claudy & Cory