Today, Friday, 7th February 2020, Nursery students had a special circle time. There are 2 Nursery classes: Raspberry and Strawberry.  Related to our monthly theme, Weather Wonders, the students presented performances based on the theme. 

Nursery Strawberry presented “Rainy Day” dance. The song was about the dripping rain touching their body, starting from the head to the shoulder, then to their feet. The students sang the song while they were dancing. While in Nursery Raspberry, their song was called “Snowy Day” and the students danced as if they were playing in the snow.

Beside the individual performance from each class, all the Nursery classes sang “Giving All Around”, a song from the monthly Character Quality that they have learnt.

To end our program today, Nursery students performed “Stick Rhythm” taught by our music teacher, Ms. Titi. The students were so excited when they practiced it and they performed it very well. Good job students! Parents were so happy to see their child performing. See you in our next performance!

 Written by Ms. Christy