Car Wash and Clean Up Day

On Tuesday, December 10, 2019, our Lollypop students took part in a clean-up day. This activity helped them to learn about responsibility. Responsibility is the key. If they know that they are in charge of something and that people are relying on them, they are much more likely to follow. They also learned important skills that they will use throughout their lives. School is the perfect place to learn about practical life skills.

The students were asked to bring their cleaning tools such as rags, broom, dustpan and the likes. Toddler and Pre-Nursery cleaned the tables, mats, and the white board in the classroom using dry and wet tissue. They also tidied up all the toys and put them in the proper places. Nursery cleaned their classroom, table, and also swept the floor in their previous classroom. Kindergarten cleaned the centers such as Kid’s City and the Kiddy Gym equipment. 

Preparatory students washed the cars in the playground, and other indoor playground equipment. Some of the students brought their own rag and broom to sweep and clean the indoor playground. They were so excited and full of enthusiasm to help the teachers clean up. They were also fine to get their hands and clothes dirty. It was a wonderful experience.

Prepared by: Ms. Cory & Ms. Claudy