United Nations Day

Lollypop had a successful United Nations (UN) Day event last Friday, October 26, 2018.  UN day was the culminating event for the “Going Places” unit from the IEYC curriculum this term.  It was organised to provide an opportunity for students to learn about different countries and cultures from all over the world.  Each class represented a different country and came to school dressed in their country’s national costume. The event started with a parade to SLK  to show off their extraordinary costumes to the parents, primary and secondary students who cheered them along. Afterwards, they participated in a stage performance back at Lollypop.  The students sang songs and each class performed a dance to their country’s music. The day finished off with a delicious food festival. Parents brought a variety of dishes to be shared which gave students a chance to try new food from different cultures. The children were excited and willing to try the delicious new food.  The UN Day celebration event was a wonderful experience for the students and they all had a fantastic time.