Harvest Day

Children love dressing up. They get to be who they want to be if they are given the opportunity. They benefit cognitively, emotionally and physically as well as socially through this activity.

On the 31st of October, Lollypop Preschool had their first “Harvest Day” activity. During the weeks leading up to this event, the children participated in a gardening activity and to culminate the lesson, they had the “Harvest Day” activity. Most of the children came to school in their harvest themed attire while others came in their favorite superhero costume.  Some came as princes and princesses and let us not forget those who arrived in their scary costumes. They all looked gorgeous in their outfits and were eager to show off their costumes and talk about what they were wearing with their friends in the class.

The children then participated in a piñata hitting activity. They were all excited to see the huge fruits hanging in the back terrace when they gathered there for their regular morning circle time. Although not all of them got the chance to hit the piñata, definitely, they all had fun looking for the candies once the piñata was ripped open. They also joined exciting games which their teachers prepared for them at the back garden. It was indeed another fun day at school.