Teacher’s Day

Lollypop celebrated Teacher’s Day on 3rd of October. The students conveyed their appreciation to their mentors through a simple, yet meaningful, program that we had during our circle time. Selected students from Preparatory prepared a poem and a dance performance for their teachers to enjoy. Some teachers got emotional when Sydney, one of our students in Prep, sang a wonderful song for them.

It is not every day that we get the chance to express our gratitude to these people who have guided, inspired and influenced us as we try to meet life’s challenges. Therefore, in their own special way, our little ones in Lollypop tried their best to honour their teachers on this day.

Our special thanks to the mommies who brought the wonderful flowers, sweet cakes and pastries. Your thoughtfulness and generosity made the day extra special. The school provided us with a delicious lunch on the 5th of October to everyone’s delight. Happy Teacher’s Day to all the teachers out there!

“It takes a big heart to help shape little minds.” (Unknown)