We were honored to have Dr. Luh Putu Liana Indayana and Ms. Leona Victoria Djajadi come to Lollypop on Thursday, February 28 to share their knowledge regarding the importance of maintaining a healthy diet.  The students really enjoyed learning about the benefits of eating a balanced meal from Dr. Liana, a general practitioner.  She introduced the students to the food pyramid and explained how eating different types of foods give them energy, nice skin and vitamins to stay healthy.   She played a game with the students and there were even prizes!  She also reminded them about the importance of washing your hands.  The students watched a fun video to help teach them the proper way to wash their hands to make sure they get rid of germs.

The second speaker, Ms. Leona, is a nutritionist and talked to the students about healthy food choices.  She showed the students that healthy snacks can be tasty.  She even brought along some food to demonstrate a healthy snack choice and later on in the classrooms the students put together their own snacks with the food provided.  They all loved the popcorn, cranberry and raison mix!  Thank you so much to our guests.  The students all enjoyed the informative, fun talk and demonstration.  Let’s hope our students grow up with healthy eating habits!