It was a special day for KG to perform in front of their parents. The students were very excited from the first time they started practicing the dance and song. KG’s special assembly was held on July 22, 2019. 

It started with a flag ceremony at 08.00. On that occasion, some of the KG students were assigned to lead the prayer, lead the Indonesia Raya song and recite Pancasila. The prayer was led by Megan. The Indonesia Raya song was led by Jessica. Reciting Pancasila was led by Anggita. 

After the flag ceremony, the assembly continued with KG’s performances.  They played pianica, danced and sang a transportation song. It was KG’s first performance playing pianica. They did a great job. After that, they danced and sang. They collaborated well. It was a special opportunity for the students to gain self confidence and explore their talents. Well done, KG’s students!