Community Helpers Day 2022

On the 21st of January, Lollypop Preschool celebrated Community Helpers Day as a culmination of the month's theme, "To the Rescue." It was an excellent opportunity for children to learn about the people who live and work in their community. They gain a better understanding of the community by looking at the many professions, [...]

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Teacher’s Day

Teacher's Day Lollypop celebrated Teacher’s Day on 3rd of October. The students conveyed their appreciation to their mentors through a simple, yet meaningful, program that we had during our circle time. Selected students from Preparatory prepared a poem and a dance performance for their teachers to enjoy. Some teachers got emotional when Sydney, [...]

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6 Tips Mudah Mengajarkan Buah Hati untuk Menabung Sejak Dini

Mengajarkan anak gemar menabung sejak dini tentunya harus dapat dipahami oleh para orang tua. Mengajarkan buah hati untuk menyisihkan uang di dimilikinya disaat usianya masih sangat kecil merupakan suatu hal yang sangat positif yang kelak dapat menjadi suatu pola kebiasaan baginya untuk menentukan kehidupan dan pencapaiannya dimasa mendatang. Memberikan pemahaman kepada buah hati untuk menabung [...]

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