Lollypop students celebrated United Nations Day with several events taking place during the week.  To kick off the event each class was designated a country to represent. The countries chosen were Ghana, Mauritius, New Zealand, Japan, Italy, Vietnam, United States of America, Venezuela and the United Kingdom. This wide variety of countries from all over the world gave teachers the opportunity to educate students on the different continents and how different the landscapes in our world can be.  Teachers then took time leading up to UN Day to familiarize the students with their chosen country’s culture, food and traditions. The students created arts and crafts of their country’s cultural symbols or food to help decorate their classrooms. The teachers then transformed their classrooms with elaborate decorations to symbolize famous landmarks and scenes from their country.

On Wednesday, October 23, 2019 the students went on a trip to visit all of the countries.  The students held their handmade passports and visited each classroom to discover the unique features about each country.  We are very thankful to the mothers who volunteered to be our immigration officers. They cheerfully stamped the students’ passports as they entered the classrooms and helped take photos of their trip.  The teachers and students did an amazing job decorating the classrooms and the students really enjoyed visiting all of the countries.

On Friday, October 25, 2019 we held our culminating activity for UN Day.  The students came to school in a traditional costume from their country. First, they participated in a parade to SLK.  The students looked fabulous in their costumes and waved their flags proudly as they passed the crowds, circled SLK and then returned to Lollypop.  Once back at school, the performances began on the stage at the back terrace. Each class performed a traditional dance to music from their country.  All of the students were enthusiastic to dance for their parents and the audience cheered them on happily. Afterwards, everyone enjoyed the international food prepared by the parents in the garden. It was a wonderful way to end the United Nations week of events.