Circle Time Presentation

Last August, the Preparatory children had their Circle Time Presentation. As parents were also invited to attend our activity, the children prepared special performances to surprise them. We started with the morning prayer, followed by the singing of the Indonesia Raya and the reciting of Pantia Sila to honor and to pay respect to our country.  The Cranberry boys started off with a dance performance to the tune of “ Five Senses “. This is in relation to our monthly theme, “All About Me “. The Blueberry children marched their way into the area where they would perform whilst moving their hips. The Cranberry girls entertained everyone with their lovely dance and to end the activity, we sang together our Character Quality song, “Attentiveness” and recited the memory verse, reminding us to always guard ourselves against distractions. Our students amazed us with their own unique traits.  We all had a wonderful time that early morning.

By: Ms Vivian