Dress Up Like Mom & Dad

One of the children’s favourite topics at school is, “Family”. This gives them the opportunity to talk about the people that they love and spend their time with most. Whenever we are discussing this topic, the children are always excited and eager to participate. The lesson also helps them realise that we all belong to a family and each family is unique. The topic on “Family” is an extension of our unit titled “This is Me”.

As part of our activity for this month of September, the children were asked to come to school dressed up like their mom or dad last Friday, September 14th. The children looked fantastic on that particular day. Some of them arrived at school complete with accessories identical to what their parents usually carry. All classes joined the Circle Time. We sang songs related to family and Ms. Meg shared a story regarding different members of the family.

Surprisingly, some parents came to school dressed in twin attire with their children. Some mothers came in the same attire with their daughters and a number of fathers wore identical clothes with their sons. They took part in the picture taking in the main hall and some of them stayed until the Circle Time activity was done. It was another memorable day at school.