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United Nations Day

United Nations Day To commemorate the good deeds of the United Nations in promoting world peace, Lollypop Preschool celebrated United Nations Day. This was a one week celebration, which started with the bicycle decorating activity with the parents on the 17 th of October and the classroom tour on the 18 th wherein [...]

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Circle Time Presentation

Circle Time Presentation Last August, the Preparatory children had their Circle Time Presentation. As parents were also invited to attend our activity, the children prepared special performances to surprise them. We started with the morning prayer, followed by the singing of the Indonesia Raya and the reciting of Pantia Sila to honor and to [...]

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Indonesian Independence Day Celebration

Indonesian Independence Day Celebration Lollypop Preschool had its Independence Day celebration on August 18, 2017. This is to celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day, a day that marks its declaration of Independence from Netherlands. It was a one week celebration that started with the Wayang Mosaic making for Kindergarten and Preparatory students and the Wayang Coloring [...]

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